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There is a practice among Chabad chasidim to ask questions via the Igrot Kodesh (a collection of published correspondence from the seventh Lubavitcher Rebbe). The procedure involves writing a letter and placing it in a random volume and page of Igrot Kodesh, and then reading the response. Is there. My daughter then continued and asked Mommy Will the Rebbe answer you? I told her yes. Rivka then asked can I write a letter to the Rebbe also? Send A Letter Online. Your Hebrew Name Your Mothers Hebrew Name Letter to The Rebbe. Send a Letter. How to Send a Letter. Send A Letter Online. Quick Links. Contact. The Day The Rebbe Spoke To Me.. And so, when I sat down to write my letter to the Rebbe, these thoughts were all kind of infusing my mind. I needed guidance.

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SEND A LETTER TO THE REBBES OHEL. The Rebbe responded to hundreds of thousands of people by writing (in Hebrew),. SEND YOUR LETTER NOW. Letters to The Rebbe. Jewish tradition advocates celebrating birthdays not only in ones lifetime, but commemorating the birth-day of a person -- especially a tzadik -- even after his passing from this world. Thus, it is not. After writing to the Rebbe, one opens the book randomly and the advice in that letter is ones answer. While I was still writing the letter,. Now I had to rewrite the letter to the Rebbe presenting my two options, and for some reason I kept pushing it off.