Should you round up your GPA?

Rounding Gpa On Resume Employment

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Jun 25, 2015. So you took some liberties with rounding rules when reporting your GPA, boasted proficiency in a language you can say hello and goodbye in, or trimmed the Assistant from the Assistant VP title you held at your last job. Everyone lies on their resume, right? No harm, no foul? Wellnot quite. Whether. In general, rounding your GPA will not make a huge difference. However, on a resume it almost always looks better to have a 3.3 as opposed to a 3.25 or a 3.5 as opposed to a 3.45. If you have a 3.3 or lower, you may have a hard time selling yourself as a 3.5 is generally considered to be the expected minimum GPA. Since your GPA rounds up to 3.50, it should be acceptable to use that number. If it comes up in the interview process, be honest about your methodology. I have never put my GPA on my resume ( mine was 3.1 ) and that hasnt stopped me getting interviews from. You may want to include details relevant to the job you are seeking, such as courses, special projects, a minor or area of emphasis, etc. Education Abroad experiences should also be listed here as well. Use the same format as your Penn State entry. Most employers expect to see your GPA (either overall, major, or both).

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Feb 7, 2017. On my resume, I rounded my GPA to one decimal place, so 3.2 cumulative GPA and 3.3 Major GPA. Last semester, I just started graduate school, so I had to use my undergraduate GPA to apply to full time positions. Luckily, I was able to land 7 job offers, 2 of which was from the big4 and all others were from. Students may report their grade point averages on their resumes using either a letter grade or the appropriate numerical calculation.When students report their GPAs either verbally or in writing, the GPA may be rounded up only to the second numeral behind the decimal point (nearesthundredth) (i.e., 3.765 may be rounded.